STC Ascender Club Helps with Christmas Gift Drive

By Intern Aly Ceballos

This Christmas, South Texas College staff, instructors, and students will be contributing gifts to the Starr County Child Welfare Board. The Board, in cooperation with the Starr County Student Accessibility Office and Counseling, has been carrying out this custom for the past six years. Gift donations are accepted for minors between the ages of three months and eighteen. Clubs, groups, and students at South Texas College have all actively participated by giving presents, encouraging others to participate, and volunteering their time. 

This year, the Ascender Club has been very active. Ascender Club Vice President, Jazmin Lozano, has made it her goal to make sure every child gets an extra gift this year. With a budget of $15- $20, every child should receive three gifts. Alejandra Lopez, STC Starr County Counselor, will be collecting gifts on behalf of the participating clubs and organizations, which include the Tabletop Club, Psychology Club, Criminal Justice Club, Student Government Association, and Student Leadership Association.

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