Professional Mentoring Network


The Teaching and Learning for Student Success Peer Mentoring Program creates a community of learning, coaching, and mentoring focused on nurturing the whole professional to improve individual and institutional performance and effectiveness. Such a community of learning depends on the participation of a sustained network of scholars, authors, and community leaders who can support the instructional and professional development of our faculty in the classroom and of our staff sustaining Catch the Next's programs across the state.

Our mentors lead training sessions, visit our classrooms, participate and guide student internships and coach our faculty and staff in the realization of their personal and professional goals.

Author Mentor, Sergio Troncoso, explains his work with CTN:


Scholar mentors are published faculty in higher education from throughout the United States who are committed to improving educational outcomes for Latino/as and other under-served students.

Author mentors are published writers in or outside of academia who have distinguished themselves and whose writings contribute to our mission to contextualize college curricula across disciplines with texts that represent our students’ experiences, backgrounds, and communities.

Community Leadership Mentors are leaders within and outside of academia who have distinguished themselves professionally and who continue to serve their communities.

Leadership Fellows are faculty and staff who have undergone the year-long Ascender Program professional development training and have been selected for this "train the trainers" program that helps CTN take its work to scale.

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Our Training Has Helped Professors Close the Opportunity Gap

Students taught by CTN-trained faculty earn more degrees and spend less on their education.