PAC Ascender Club Holds First Meeting of the Semester 

By: Dakota Rodriguez, CTN Intern

The PAC Ascender club had their first meeting of the semester. President Logan Martinez went over the agenda. He talked about the next few possible events such as a Spurs game, club rush and fundraisers such as a Valentine’s fundraiser. Logan said that some of his goals were to make sure everyone has time and feels included.

 The Ascender club meeting room was also decorated for Valentine’s Day. Officer Joannette told everyone “Great meeting, and thank you for all who made the time to come to discuss the organization’s topics, decorate, and hang out with us! Luv spending time with ya’ll!”

“The room looks awesome. Thank you for everyone that helped and big shoutout to Joannette Casias for all the work she put in to making things happen!!!!” stated Logan Martinez. He added that he wants the Ascender club to feel like one big family.

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