Catch the Next sponsored a guest speaker, Dr. Linda Hagedorn, at the STC Pecan Student Union Ballroom from 4:00-5:00 on March 21st. Hagedorn, who has extensive experience working with community colleges on student success related issues, shared some of her expertise with faculty and administrators in her presentation titled “Climbing the Mountains of South Texas College.” The presentation highlighted areas where STC co-req courses are doing an outstanding job with student success, and it also presented areas where there is room for improvement. 

“The presentation was exciting because it allowed faculty, chairs, deans, and campus administrators to come together and discuss ways to help students succeed in the different co-req courses, commented instructor Esmeralda Macias.  “South Texas College is a college of opportunities. Any data that highlights areas where we can improve students’ success is always welcome because it allows us to come together and find solutions,” she added.   

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