By Diana Gorostieta Martinez

The Austin Community College Ascender team welcomed close to 140 students in the 2022-2023 Ascender cohort by hosting multiple in-person and virtual New Student Orientations. The purpose of the events was to educate students on all aspects of the program, including its goals and objectives as well as how Ascender will help them during their first year of college. Participants in the in-person events played a game of bingo to break the ice in which they had to search the room for someone who possessed the characteristics listed on the card. The orientations ended with an engaging Kahoot game that tested the students on key concepts addressed; first place winners won a prize.

Students from the ACC Ascender Hays cohort were introduced to their mentor at the first Mentor/Mentee matching session Friday, September 9th. The session kicked off with a game of bingo where students approached attending mentors to sign their cards if they met any of the listed characteristics. Alejandra Polcik, the program manager, then went through an overview of the program’s mentorship component. Together, the student and mentors were able to develop goals for the student’s academic year and plan means to meet during the first semester.

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