Southwest Texas Junior College held orientation for the new Ascender students who were recruited for the 2022-2023 school year. Team members, Karen Quiroz-Co-Coordinator for CTN and Co-Advisor for the Ascender Club; Vanessa G. Uriegas-Co-Coordinator for CTN, Advisor for the Ascender Club, INRW and Learning Frameworks Instructor; Kathy Ayala-Psychology instructor; Marysa Martinez-Advisor/Counselor; and Phillip Botello-Mentor Coordinator attended. The team members introduced themselves and spoke about the program and how they have been impacted by starting this program on the Uvalde campus.

Members of the Ascender Club Alyssa Chapoy-President, Bethany Moreno-Vice-President, and Charlie Ferland Hardwick-club member joined in the orientation to welcome the new students. They gave their testimony on how the program played a role in their academic lives when it was the most crucially needed as they started college for the first time.

Pizza and drinks were served to welcome old and new members as well as the CTN team. Mr. Phillip Botello handed out their welcome bags and handed prizes to students who introduced themselves to the program.

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