By Intern Daniela Urbano

South Texas College announced a few weeks ago that summer classes would be moved to on-line. The college is doing this to ensure the safety of students and facility workers. However, several Ascender students voiced the opinion that they do not like online classes and are considering waiting until the fall semester when they hope the campus will be open again to start face-to-face courses. Their reasons for not liking on-line courses were varied ranging from distractions to understanding the lesson.

“I prefer classes in campus classroom settings that I’m already used to. I don’t like the idea of online classes because I forget to attend class or do my homework,” commented Lorissa Alaniz.

“I know that being on campus for class, I wouldn’t be using my phone because my teacher would make me put it away. I wouldn’t be distracted by using my phone,” Stephanie Lopez said.

“I prefer campus classes just for the fact that if I didn’t understand something in the lesson, I can ask my professor right after class to help better explain it,” said Luz Rodriguez.

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