STC Starr Campus Ascender Students Take English Finals

By: Aly Ceballos, CTN Intern

The week of December 11 – 15 was the week of finals at the STC Starr County Campus, and the Ascender classes took their English final with Dr. Anna Alaniz. The final had two options: option one was doing a thank you letter to Dr. Alaniz or anyone in the classroom, and option two was to do a PowerPoint explaining one of the papers done during the semester. They had to come to class and present what they had chosen.

Dr. Alaniz had these words for her students. “The end of the semester final exam ofrendas are always bittersweet; the greatest feeling is to see my students take a step forward in accomplishing their goals, but it’s also sad to see them move on -especially my Ascender English 1302 because most of them have been my students for three semesters. I leave every semester satisfied knowing my students will be the future leaders of our community. I want all my students to leave my courses inspired, motivated, and accomplished knowing that all their dreams are attainable. Si Se Puede, Todo se Puede si le Hechas Ganas (Everything is possible if you have Grit).” 

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