SAC offered their Ascender students the third in a three-part series titled “Getting Real: The Grit in Me” presented by Manny Vasquez on Friday, November 13 from 12 noon to 1 pm. His presentation focused on “getting real about thoughts that get in the way and thoughts that help you find your way.” Joining him was SAC alumni, Barbara Robles, who shared her obstacles and how she overcame them.

“Students connected with Manny and shared their personal stories and really got some genuine affirmation from their peers in the chatroom. I don’t think the students would have opened up and made themselves that vulnerable if Manny hadn’t modeled that directly with the stories of his own life and the challenges and how he persisted to overcome them,” commented Laurie Coleman, SAC instructor.

“As educators we can say the same things that Manny says, but it translates differently when the person delivering the message looks like them, acts like them and has been through those similar experiences,” she added. “I can tell he cares about the people he’s engaging with and he wants them to recognize that they do have the tools to be successful.”

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