The SAC Ascender team held its second zoom meeting on Friday, March 27 to connect as familia, share best practices, and discuss ideas about how to best support and engage students on line.

Instructors shared various websites and discussed what technology they were using. Math instructors Chavera and Pina explained how they are adapting their math instruction using webcams, while instructor Lorestani uses her Ipad to write on and record her lectures which she posts to youtube. English instructor Coleman uses an ELMO as the class reads their novel so they can discuss specific lines or sections. She commented that the “more we can do to recreate the classroom, the better.”  

They also discussed some ways to help students. Students with limited technology were allowed to take a photo of their work and submit it until laptops are available for checkout. Advisor Gutierrez told faculty to encourage students to talk to their advisors about their needs and Coleman talked about the need to advocate for students. Chavera said he encourages students to be patient with new instruction methods.

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