The American Association of Community Colleges announced the 2022 winners in seven categories at its Awards of Excellence Gala on May 2. This year’s Student Success award went to the Alamo Colleges District led by Chancellor Mike Flores. The Student Success award recognizes a community college that has shown a sustained commitment to and proactively advances the cause of student success at a community college.

“Time is the enemy of degree completion,” Flores said Monday at the awards ceremony, noting that the district’s efforts are designed to help students stay on track toward completion.

For example, ACD organizes programs into career clusters called AlamoINSTITUTES. The clusters provide a starting point for the student, enrollment coach and assigned advisor to identify a career interest and begin to create a tailored individual pathway.

With clear and concise pathways through Transfer Advising Guides (TAGs), students can transfer with courses that are degree applicable for not only ACD but the student’s university of choice. That saves students time and money and minimizes any loss of credit hours. TAGs provide a two-year, course-by-course crosswalk from ACD to the university of choice by reverse mapping all required university degree requirements for each university major to an ACD pre-major. These seamless transfer pathways mean students don’t just transfer – they transfer with degree applicability.

Students who start at the Alamo Colleges now earn their degree, which requires 60 semester credit hours, in an average of 65.4 hours, compared to the Texas state average of 81 credit hours. (

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