ACC’s latest episode of Ready, Set, Ascender! was broadcast in December. Hosts Alejandra Polcik and Megan Diaz covered deadlines for FASFA and money available for college, Career Scholars at ACC, and work study positions. They also discussed the services offered by Career Services such as helping students with resumes.

They talked about what to do to celebrate the holidays including driving through the Trail of Lights, ice skating, and Santa’s Ranch.

The “Students in Action” segment of the program featured ACC Ascender student Sebastian Chavez who is studying radio, television and film. Sebastian was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, but moved to Los Angeles and then moved back to Mexico where he played professionally for two soccer clubs, Atlas and Necaxa. He was injured and found himself asking what it was he wanted to do with his life. He always had a calling from the arts and worked in the Mexican film industry for two years which helped him to confirm that was what he wanted to do.

Sebastian’s favorite Ascender professor is Tina Buck who he says is “so supportive and one of those teachers who go the extra mile, and she has a lot of wisdom.”  He added, “Being part of Ascender, I can completely understand why this program was created. It’s not easy doing this transition but you have that ambition you want to go thru school. Ascender is like that blanket that covers you. You know that they’ll help you thru the way. They’ll get you whatever you need. It’s incredible; it’s helped me a lot.

The “Un Dia” segment featured Ascender instructor, Samantha Ackers who is working on her Associates degree in Spanish. She starts her day with meditation and prayer then she walks her dogs. After breakfast, she begins work as an academic coach. Next she teaches student development with Ascender. She commented that it was a “wonderful program that allows me to continue my passion. It is a fantastic program to help first time students, allowing them to get what they need to be successful.”

In her spare time, she enjoys roller skating and spending time with her son and family. To watch the complete episode, go to

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