Austin Community College District has joined Google’s first federally registered apprenticeship program through the Department of Labor, which works with state apprenticeship agencies to administer the program nationally. The Google IT Apprenticeship Program is designed to help students — particularly non-traditional students — train for new jobs. Such programs can help equip workers displaced amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with the skills necessary to transition to new roles in the growing IT (informational technology) industry. Nine ACC apprentices were chosen.

The Google IT certification course is specifically designed for IT support — the apprenticeship program is supplementary to this two-month course, which is now administered remotely due to COVID-19. The course is designed to help students acquire digital, professional and technical skills leading to Google IT certification.

“Regardless of what happens and what other challenges come our way, IT will always be essential to large corporations, small business, non-profits, as well as individuals. High tech companies, businesses, health organizations — they all need IT tech support personnel no matter if they function remotely or on site,” commented Marcela Nouzovska, coordinator for continuing education and workforce development at ACC. (

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