By Carmen Hernandez

ACC hosted the Ascender Career Day on Friday, March 26. Dell Campus Managers, Wayne Epps, and Tae Kim, introduced the event with a presentation about Dell Technologies. Epps briefly described some of the companies that Dell partnerships with as well as how those connections help expand the technology world around us every day not just in technology devices, but to building careers and expanding career opportunities as well. Afterwards, Kim provided information on how to “earn the job.” He talked about the best strategies when it comes to preparing for interviews as well as how to build on your resume, research the company a future employee may want to work for and understand the job requisites. He explained, “no one knows your story and resume better than you do.” He emphasized the importance of building leadership, communication, and work skills to expand your resume and job opportunities. Once they concluded their presentation, Trish Welch, Abigail Garza, and Edgar Medina from ACC’s Career Services delivered a presentation on the assistance they offer to ACC students. Career Services offer career management, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills as well as how to properly build a resume. Welch explained how these services also offer job research such as salaries, companies that are hiring, and job requisites. During the presentation, he spoke about Career Week which took place from April 5th to the 9th, and he briefly spoke about the events that took place in order to learn more closely about career goals and success. After, Garza and Medina gave advice about what it means to be a college student and searching for jobs. They emphasized the importance of reaching out for help with building job skills and relationships as well as how to be more successful with one’s life goals.

Some students attending the event asked important questions that involved building a resume and job interviews, which were also helpful for students who are getting prepared for job applications or are in search of a career. At the conclusion of the event, Megan Diaz and Welch went over some important bullet points from the Career Event as well as some announcements for upcoming events.

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