by Isaac Campbell

The Ascender program partnered with Student Life to host an informative interactive sex education event known as SEXucation SEXsion on February 7th at the Austin Community College’s Highland Campus.  

The event focused on creating a safe space for students to learn, ask anonymous questions, and get connected with valuable resources offered in the college. The three guest speakers, Dr. Missi Patterson, Ms. Casey Martínez, and Dr. Chase Young began the event with a presentation focused on the emotional and psychological aspects of sex, consent, Title IX, and STD’s prevention. After the presentation, students had the opportunity to ask questions anonymously which fostered an engaging informative conversation between students and the presenters. To wrap up the event students engaged with organizations including BAE-B-SAFE, Vivent Health, and the Kind Clinic where they gathered valuable contacts, information, flyers and other swag items. 

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