2023 PAC Learning with the San Antonio Food Bank

In the dynamic and enriching landscape of our 2023 PAC CTN Cohort, participants immersed themselves in an experiential journey focused on nutrition and culinary skills, collaborating with the San Antonio Food Bank. Throughout the program, individuals gained theoretical insights into the science of nutrition while actively honing their practical cooking abilities. The emphasis on hands-on learning allowed participants to translate newfound knowledge into tangible culinary prowess. As they navigated the realms of healthy eating, food sustainability, and culinary creativity, the cohort not only acquired skills but also became ambassadors of wholesome living. The collaborative partnership with the San Antonio Food Bank added a community-centric dimension, fostering a sense of social responsibility and awareness about the significance of nutritious food in promoting well-being. In this shared and inspiring environment, the 2023 PAC CTN Cohort wasn’t just a group of learners; it was a community dedicated to cultivating a deeper understanding of nutrition and a passion for the culinary arts.

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