2023 Cantos y Calacas

By Gustavo Deveze Castellanos, ACC, Ascender Student Employee

ACC celebrated a day of poetry and art with over 100 students, faculty, and staff in attendance, kicking off what is hoped to become a beloved tradition at their college. The event featured a wide range of performances and activities that brought together the ACC community. Juan Ortiz’s song performance gave the event an unforgettable musical dimension. Professors A.R. Rogers and David Rice’s poetry and short story readings inspired and captivated the audience, and the heartfelt poems by Liliana Evangelista and Crystal Charles. Both Ascender students, beautifully embodied the spirit of Dia De Los Muertos, touching the hearts of all in attendance. Tusuy Sonqo-Per’s Peruvian folklorico performance captivated the audience, providing a one-of-a-kind cultural experience. The event was a resounding success, showcasing our community’s artistic talents and cultural richness. 

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