Former PAC Ascender student from the 2017 cohort, Yailet Guadalupe Gomez, recently received her Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Texas A&M University San Antonio. She commented, “While attending Palo Alto College, I joined the Catch the Next Ascender program, and I am glad I did because it helped me by guiding me towards accomplishing my goals. Catch the Next allowed me to meet many people that support the dreams of us students. It also made me feel confident that I could achieve anything that I proposed to myself. I appreciate everything Catch the Next provided me with and everyone that takes part in the program for their tremendous support.” 

Former STC Ascender student from the 2017 cohort, Marco Espinoza, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from STC in Organizational Leadership on December 12th.  He commented, “The Ascender program made a huge impact in my life. This program motivated me to develop my talents and skills and use them not only in school but also in the outside environment.  This program also motivated me to use my leadership skills, and I started another club called Campus Ministry International (Bible study club). Catch the Next also helped me to work as a team. Every semester Mrs. Esmeralda Macias would connect me with other Catch the Next students so that we could work together and achieve our goals. Finally, the motivation conferences that I attended in Austin and the amazing people who made the conference possible, really helped me achieve my goal to obtain my bachelor’s. Being involved in this program made my college life easier and the most important thing was they made me feel like a family member.

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