Congratulations to Scholar Mentor Sergio Troncoso!

We are thrilled to extend heartfelt congratulations to Scholar Mentor, Sergio Troncoso for the well-deserved Honorable Mention awarded by the Philosophical Society of Texas for his outstanding work, “NOBODY’S PILGRIMS.” This recognition is a testament to Sergio’s exceptional talent, dedication, and the impact of his literary contributions.

Being acknowledged by the Philosophical Society of Texas is no small feat, and Sergio’s achievement is a reflection of the depth and significance of his work. We would also like to express appreciation to the society for recognizing and celebrating excellence in fiction. It is a pleasure to see writers like Sergio Troncoso being honored alongside other distinguished authors, such as Stephen Harrigan and Katie Gutierrez. This acknowledgment not only elevates Sergio’s work but also contributes to the broader literary landscape.

Sergio’s accomplishments are a source of pride for our community, and we are honored to have him as a Scholar Mentor. His passion for literature and dedication to his craft inspire not only his mentees but everyone fortunate enough to encounter his work.

Once again, congratulations to Sergio, on this well-deserved Honorable Mention! May his literary journey continue to flourish, and may his words continue to resonate with readers far and wide.

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