On March 5, while in Bachelor of Computer and Information Science (BCIS) class, rumors spread between peers about not returning to class after spring break because of something called Covid-19 also known as the Coronavirus. This virus is an unknown disease with no cure, which became a fear of many. Who could have known that such an unknown virus would impact many citizens’ lives; good and bad, due to the changes it brought.

When governor Greg Abbott announced that the city would be quarantined, many citizens of San Antonio and its surrounding areas, went on a crazy and unnecessary shopping spree leaving shelves bare. Many grocery and department stores were out of stock of many of the essentials. Anxiety had control of the body and minds of many; making it difficult to survive for others by not being able to obtain certain foods and toiletries. Things got out of hand and everyone was afraid to catch this virus and felt the need to stock up. It was then that the pandemic became real to me, because the same thoughts were going through my head. Fear was beginning to set in and control my every thought. I became so stressed that I couldn’t sleep. My kids started to bring up the topic after their zoom classes, and their faces feared the virus; it was then that I decide to make change.  We, as a family, would take all necessary precautions to try to avoid the virus; even avoiding anything that would bring us news of the virus, in order to give us peace.

One of my biggest challenges was having to stay quarantined. This change affected me by losing free technology that the public library and my college offered, such as free Wi-Fi, and PC use. These were resources I relied on and had to find solutions for as soon as possible, for them to not affect my school grades, as well as my children’s grades. The struggle of helping my children with their homework as well as my own, and still trying to make time to study for myself was stressful. Another challenge I faced was having to be a teacher, student, parent and wife at the same time. Having to get all 3 meals prepared throughout the day, as well as other chores, made it difficult even when my husband tried to help on his days off. These changes led to distress due to my zoom classes intervening with my kids’ zoom. Having to share a device was difficult for us. There were times my children’s teacher needed my attention in projects that had to be done for both of my children’s classes.

On the other hand, not all changes were not as bad as I thought they could’ve been. Being quarantined brought us closer together as a family, and we got to spend more time with one another. We enjoyed family meals, waking up peacefully not having to beat the traffic rush in the mornings due to work or getting to school for parking. Something new that my kids enjoyed doing was praying during their lunch meals, since they did not do that because they attend a public school. Being at home did not require me to apply my makeup, and it felt great to be relaxed on some days. Being able to order online and pick-up curbside made it easier for shopping by not having to deal with the long lines of people, nor having to leave your vehicle. Being home made me feel safe and it helped me to relief stress by reading more and becoming more active by exercising at home. There were procrastinations I had been putting aside since the beginning of the year such as organizing my garage. When I did have the extra time, I got them done. So, the extra time of being home also helped me to get things done


Even though this illness does kill people, it did bring me awareness to remember to give thanks and be thankful for what I do have and to pray for those affected or going through rough times being unemployed. The virus may be something we cannot control, but what we can control is taking those extra precautions of keeping the same safe procedures in stores, as well as our homes, even after they assure us that this is all over. We must all be united and take care of one another. These changes will help us prevent further illnesses and possibly save many more lives.

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