“…What is occurring is a “gentle” reminder that we must be more compassionate, more tolerant, more loving, en fin more human. We have been blessed with an incredible opportunity to change our world through education, empathy and resiliency…Let us not repeat history by scapegoating and being unjust. This virus should be one of our greatest lessons- that at the end we are human beings, vulnerable, and we are connected through this vulnerability. – Lillian M Huerta, PhD, ACC

“I was worried about online attendance, but it has been really good-Ascender classes especially. I give them ten minutes at the end to discuss, but they stay longer sharing their concerns and feelings. I am encouraged by them. I realized early that their mental health would be important. “-Dehlia Wallis, SAC

“Once the ACC closed abruptly on that Friday three weeks ago, I knew I had to start preparing my classes to go online. I started reviewing all the options, and then with the help of the Instructional designers, I chose Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, and I did the online training. I also had a wonderful resource, Lydia, who is also teaching English Comp 1302 to another Ascender cohort. Throughout the three weeks, I kept in touch with my students through email.

Then, the day came. I prayed for guidance. I was very nervous, but once I started the course on line, it all fell into place. I had a little over half of my students attend, and a couple of others contacted me later.

The students are nervous and worried. We are trying our best to allay their fears and encouraging them to persevere. ACC and Lydia have prepared an amazing number of resources for them and us. Megan has reached out to all of them by phone. I worry about the ones who haven’t responded, and I hope and pray they are okay. We will get through this, and we will all be stronger and more appreciative of what we have had in the past. We will be closer as a community because we are here for each other.” -Anne Fletcher, ACC.

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