Goodera has asked CTN CEO, Dr. Maria Chavez for an interview as part of their campaign for Latinx Heritage Month. They organized interviews with thought leaders whom they considered a good fit for their campaign. The interview will talk about the campaign, the work that CTN has been doing around it, and CTN’s achievements/ challenges. It will be featured on Goodera YouTube channel, website, and all Goodera social media platforms, in the form of blogs, newsletters, and client communications.

Goodera is the world’s largest corporate volunteering experience platform to enhance corporate social responsibility programs. It is a state-of-the-art technology platform that helps companies measure the community impact on the ROI of sustainability and volunteering initiatives. Currently, 200+ corporates (24 in Fortune 500), including P&G, Target, Dell, GAP, Abbott, and Amazon, are using the Goodera platform across 70 countries to track, monitor, and measure 250 million development capital annually to beneficiaries.

Goodera’s goal is to make volunteering easy and fun for employees and provide them with an opportunity to give back to their communities through a network of 2000 + non-profit partners working on areas like racial equality, STEM education, climate change, and female empowerment.

In the interview, Dr. Chavez will be asked questions about the change in the status of the Hispanic and Latin Americans before and after it became compulsory to observe Latinx Heritage Month; the most satisfying contribution that CTN has made toward the Hispanic and Latin American community; and how someone who wants to help can start on a journey to be an ally.

Dr. Chavez will focus on Catch the Next’s decision to concentrate its efforts on higher education as a pathway to economic opportunity and stability given the high poverty rate and low attainment of college degrees among Hispanics; CTN’s culturally sustaining methodology which has transformed the instructional capacity of staff so that our students earn more certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees than the control group of 110,000 in similar classes while spending two third less on student loans; and the various ways to become an ally including mentoring and internships.

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