CTN Peer Mentor, Sergio Troncoso’s, new novel, Nobody’s Pilgrims, is set for publication on May 10.

According to the review on BooksandBooks.com “No Country for Old Men meets Contagion in this story of three teenagers on the run, carrying a great menace, and chased by a greater evil.

Three teenagers are traveling northeast in a navy-blue Ford pickup. Turi has fled his abusive family to see the beautiful New England landscape he’s always dreamed about. Arnulfo is undocumented and wants only to find someplace to work and live. Molly seeks a new life far away from her nowhere Missouri town. Turi and Arnulfo are best friends. Molly and Turi are falling in love.

But for all their innocence, violence follows the trio at every turn. The mean viejito who owns the truck wants it back. The narco who hid a deadly shipment in the truck really, really wants it back. And the imperturbable hitman the narco sends after the trio will kill anyone who stands in his way.

Pre-order at: https://shop.booksandbooks.com/book/9781947627413

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