CTN Board Member, Catherine Sandoval, published an article in the SSRN, a repository for preprints devoted to the rapid dissemination of scholarly research in the social sciences and humanities. 

The article is an “interdisciplinary analysis of scientific studies of COVID-19 and the limits of mitigation measures,” “examines American legal education during the COVID-19 pandemic, and recommends online education to put health, safety, and equity first. Legal education forms part of America’s Critical Infrastructure whose continuity is important to the economy, public safety, and United States national security. The article’s analysis concludes that gathering adults indoors in physical classes is a high-risk activity during this pandemic. The lengthy timeline necessary to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States and globally and the emergence of more infectious COVID-19 variants elongates the period during which in-person education remains risky and online education is the safer option. This pandemic and the prospect of future viral pandemics underscore the urgency of developing a safety culture in legal education, concomitant with effective health and safety precautions that consider community, as well as campus, health and safety.”


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