By Intern Daniela Urbano

When Covid-19 caused the schools to close and the stay-at-home order act was issued, Luz Rodriguez was worried for her four daughters that go to school. “I didn’t know how they were going to finish the school year,” she said. STC was moving classes to online and, as a student herself, Luz had a hard time getting her work done. “I had to make sure that my girls were on top of their homework first,” she said.  She would lend her computer to her girls in order for them to turn in their homework. That would give Luz little time to work on her homework until very late at night.

Luz mentioned that it took a while and many tries to figure out a schedule that would allow for all of her daughters to get their homework done and Luz also. She wanted the best for her girls in their education and for them to learn. “My girls’ education is everything, and I had to be an inspiration to them. I had to juggle being a mom, a tutor to for my daughters, and a student,” she commented. Her girls could see how she would stay up late at night working on her homework or sometimes wake up before sunrise to be able to get it done. “Covid-19 taught my girls how to always learn something new, even if they’re not at school,” she said.

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