College graduation is often marked by an adjustment period, as students leave the comforts of campus to find their way in the raw wilderness of the job market. But this year’s graduates are staggering into a world that is in some ways unrecognizable. More than 90,000 Americans have died; tens of millions are out of work; entire industries have crumbled. The virus and the economic shock waves it unleashed have hammered Americans of all ages. But graduating in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic will have enduring implications on the Class of 2020: for their memories, their earning power, and their view of what it means to have a functional society. For these young adults, the pandemic represents not just a national crisis but also a defining moment. (https://time.com/5839765/college-graduation-2020/)

They have experienced something that will fundamentally change them and have a transformative effect on their perceptions and behaviors. They have been tested and we admire their perseverance and resiliency. They are strong and courageous in their ability and determination to overcome adversity, and we hope they harness the power of these characteristics. We believe in them and want them to know that their Ascender familia will always be there for them. We hope they will join the CTN Alumni Association, so we can continue to share in their successes.

Over 30 CTN students graduated from CTN colleges across the state. STC Mid-Valley had 11 graduates: Claudia Castillo-Social Work; Christian Cavazos-Construction Supervision; Wendy Ochoa-Secondary Education; Cecilia Cardona-Baking & Pastry Arts; Anahi Colorado-Interdisciplinary Studies; Amanda Cruz-Elementary Education; Aaron Ovalle-Culinary Arts; Nathanael Renaud-Criminal Justice; Cecilia Galaviz-Child Dev./Early Childhood; Kevin Liu-Computer Maintenance Tech; and Jose Perea- BAS Organizational Leadership. STC Starr campus had nine graduates: Ezequiel Garza, Karen Garcia, Veronica Reyes, Roxanne Solis, Anahi Bazan, Lidianelly Carreon, Yaileen Flores, Monica Gonzalez, and Stephanie Lopez.  Pecan campus’11 graduates included Antoinette Villanueva- Interdisciplinary Studies; Noemi M. Mijares-Interdisciplinary Studies; Melissa Sandoval-Business Administration; Ronikah L. Vela- Elementary Education; Jamie A. Garcia- Criminal Justice; Rocio G. Cruz- Elementary Education; Thaddeus Torres- Criminal Justice; Michelle Mendoza- Secondary Education; Bernice Garza- Interdisciplinary Studies; Christopher Quinto Guzman- Business Administration and Pedro L. Reyes- Elementary Education. ACC also had two students graduating-Mariana Prado and Ivana Soriano.

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