John Siceloff Journalism Internship


This internship opportunity was created to honor Catch the Next’s founder and award-winning journalist, John Siceloff. After working as a war correspondent and bureau chief in El Salvador and Nicaragua, John returned and forged a career as a successful news producer for programs such as ABC News, 20/20, Primetime Live, and Dateline NBC. In 2001, he joined the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and in 2004, founded JumpStart Productions, which created Now with Bill Moyers for PBS. In 2009, in an effort to raise college completion for underserved students in the United States, John founded Catch the Next. He was also the co-author of America: Democracy’s Local Heroes.


The internship is open to all Ascender students; positions are available at each campus on a rotating basis. Interns are paid $50.00 a month and are expected to cover the CTN news “beat.” Classroom instructors are not expected to oversee the interns though they are encouraged to recommend students for the positions.


The primary goal of the John Siceloff journalism internship is to provide an opportunity for students to gain professional experience while increasing their marketable skills. As members of the CTN communication team, interns play a vital role in disseminating information about CTN events and achievements on their campuses. In addition, to encourage interns to add their creativity to the communication team, they are asked to submit their ideas for feature articles.

Interns enhance their skills of written communication and practice many marketable skills, such as the responsibility of meeting deadlines and checking sources, organization of materials, and time management. They work with a team to produce a product, and teamwork is an essential skill for almost any career. By conducting interviews, they learn or enhance their oral communication skills and increase their network of contacts, building relationships that may prove useful in their future. They also gain valuable experience in communicating with people on a professional level. The internship serves as proof to a future employer of the ability to work hard and accept responsibility.

Girls Discovering Math Internship


Job Description

The Girls Discovering Math Club Student Intern will assist the club advisor with club activities, recruitment, administrative paperwork, and any other duties that arise for the smooth implementation of club meetings, activities, and recruitment.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend club activities and represent the club, when necessary.
  • Assist Advisor with any paperwork or administrative duties.
  • Assist Advisor with recruitment efforts and be present at recruitment events or activities.
  • Stay up to date and communicate to students of opportunities or activities being provided by CTN such as, but not limited to, the motivational conference and other internship opportunities per discipline.
  • Check CTN monthly newsletter and share information with the club about news, scholarships and internship opportunities.
  • Send monthly club updates to the CTN newsletter.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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