The life of former CTN instructor at Palo Alto College Mariana Ornelas, who passed away on March 6th, 2017, will be honored and celebrated at the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center on March 9th. Mariana was a former board member for the Center as well as a musician and community activist. Her collection of beautiful textiles and huipiles which she had donated to the Center for fundraising purposes, will be on exhibit and for sale. On January 22, the Alamo College board of trustees also honored Mariana.

Mariana joined the Catch the Next familia in 2013, when then President Flores, decided to choose courses beyond the first year to ensure the retention of students, by offering a Mexican American Studies course, which Mariana taught until her illness forced her to retire. Besides her teaching, Mariana played the harp and performed once during a CTN institute reception, honoring CEO Dr. Chavez with a dedication of the song, “The Dove.” To listen to her play the harp, follow this link-

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