CTN would like to welcome our new board members who will join us for the next 2 year-period. They are Dr. Greg Morris, Dr. Catherine Olivares, Dr. Chris Nelson, Dr. Darrial Reynolds, Dr. Yolanda Reyna, Dr. Elena Foulis, Dr. Linda Hagedorn, and Dr. Emmy Perez as well as CTN Alumni Sophia Farias, Farah Guerrero, and Armando Sanchez.
A huge thank you is due to our outgoing board members who have worked with us throughout the pandemic period. They are Veronica Cavazos, Stephanie Alvarez, Cindy Yarely Marroquin-Garza, Esmeralda Macias, Amaury Nora, Jennifer Rice, Catherine J.K. Sandoval, and Jesus Mauricio Morales. Your commitment and work for our students has contributed to CTN’s mission and efforts to help change lives through education.

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