Catch the Next is seeking applications from students that have participated in the Ascender program and would like to further develop their leadership skills and join the board of directors. The student alumni board positions have a term of one year starting in June 2021.

The role of the Board of Directors includes setting policy (standards or rules of operation for the corporation.) The board decides what programs will be carried out and how they will be carried out. It also evaluates how well they are being carried out. The Catch the Next Board of Directors meets three times per year. The annual meeting is held in June and the group meets in person. The fall and spring meetings are via the telephone. Board members are expected to participate in a committee meeting per quarter.

For initial consideration, nominees must meet the following minimum criteria:

Be a graduate of one of CTN Ascender colleges.  Commit to fulfill all board related responsibilities during their term of service, to include attendance at board meetings, and board committee chosen as scheduled; and have a strong drive and self-motivation to contribute to the progress of higher education and increase educational attainment for Latinos and other underserved communities. The deadline for applying is May 5th

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