Nobody’s Pilgrims, a book by CTN Peer Mentor, Sergio Troncoso, won the Gold Medal for Best Novel- Adventure or Drama (English) from the International Latino Book Awards in Los Angeles in August.

Texas Monthly did a profile of Troncoso in its August 2022 issue titled “Sergio Troncoso Is Making Sure That Texas Literature Represents All of Texas”. “I talk about Nobody’s Pilgrims, growing up on the United States-Mexico border in Ysleta near El Paso, Texas, and my work for the Texas Institute of Letters as president of the organization,” said Troncoso.

“It really does matter to me to be more than just a writer who entertains with exciting, insightful stories. I also want readers to think. I want readers to question their own comfortable bubbles and perhaps break free from these bubbles,” he said.  “I also believe that writers should be not only about themselves, but about their community. If any epitaph is ever written about my life, I hope it will always include these values that were instilled in me by my immigrant parents.”

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