CTN Peer Mentor, Valentin Sandoval, served as the moderator on a panel with Charlie Clark on Saturday, April 23 at 6PM at the El Paso Comic Con.  Clark attended to discuss the upcoming project filmed in Texas- Green Ghost and the Masters of the StoneThe film celebrates a Texas-first, theatrical release and was directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael D. Olmosyounger brother of Edward James Olmos, and produced by David R. Rodriguez.

The film is set in a Texas border town, where a car salesman Charlie (CHARLIE CLARK) moonlights as a masked Lucha libre wrestler going by the name “Green Ghost.” When unknown assailants arrive seeking an otherworldly emerald, Charlie discovers that he has super powers. Charlie must harness both his physical and mystical strength to save humanity and go from Gringo to Green Ghost. In the style of comedy-horror martial-arts movies of the 1970s and ’80s, director Michael D. Olmos’ film is a comedic anti-hero action movie filled with adventure for the entire family.

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