Catch the Next’s 2019 Transformative Teaching Track took place on March 8th-9th at the Frank Fickett Center in Austin. The two-day event focused on a diversity of topics and goals such as: structural options for CoReq Implementation, aligning syllabi and course outcomes, and aligning assignments to meet the needs of a diverse student population. The day began with a welcome and introduction from our CTN CEO, Dr. Maria Martha Chavez, where she elaborated on CTN’s work in Texas and the goals of the training session. Allegra, CTN Director of Professional Development, continued with an “Overview of Training Objectives and Parking Lot,” where participants previewed the professional development agenda. Allegra continued the session with a team-building activity on leadership styles. Participants worked on a team building activity, reflected on their approaches and discussed the best strategies for working in teams moving forward.

Kelan Morgan, Program Specialist at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, led a Q&A discussion on “Co-Requisites and Co-Curriculars: Moving from Policy to Practice.” Attendees discussed H.B. 2223, and the implications on pedagogical practice moving forward. Next, Allegra lead an activity called, “An Asset-Based Approach to Instruction: Honoring Cultural Wealth,” where participants engaged in a writing practice that explores the principals of an asset-based classroom. Afterwards, participants divided into teams and revisited their current course, and planned out innovative ways to support one another and meet learning outcomes.

The day ended with participants reflecting on the day’s activities and indicating what they wanted to see addressed the next day.

On the second day of this seminar, Eileen Galvez, Assistant Dean at Yale College, and Director of La Casa Cultural gave a presentation named, “I’m Not Supposed to be Here: Addressing Imposter Syndrome.” Participants explored the concept of “imposter syndrome” and how this phenomenon may impact classroom climate for both teachers and students. Next, Anna Alaniz, INRW Faculty, and Darrial Reynolds, Government Faculty at South Texas College, discussed how they aligned their curriculum to meet the needs of a diverse student population and shared approaches that worked, a sample assignment, and conversed the best practices for collaborative work in their presentation, “Teaching Practice in Co-Curriculars: Aligned Assignments.” Afterwards, Pedro Merced, Faculty Math Instructor at Austin Community College, led a discussion entitled, “Exploring Structural Option for CoReq Implementation.” Here, participants explored a variety of configurations for implementing Corequisites.

After a short intermission, Tina Jackson, District Director of Developmental Education at Collin College, led a session entitled, “Embracing Change: Best Practices for Scalable CoRequisite Implementation,” addressing challenges in CoRequisite implementation from a system-wide perspective and providing concrete steps, communication plans, and ways that institutional silos can be broken down to better serve all students. Participants explored the opportunities for growth presented in this new initiative–both for faculty and the institutions they serve. Next, Allegra presented, “Bringing it all Together: Aligning Syllabi and Course Outcomes.” Here, participants came together in teams to look at the best ways of incorporating practices from learning communities to align curriculum across courses.

After lunch, participants shared strategies and approaches for their courses moving forward. Subsequently, the panel and session were officially adjourned, completing the 2019 Transformative Teaching Track.

The 2019 Transformative Teaching Track was sponsored by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as a subgrant from Austin Community College.

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