Over 70 CTN students graduated from CTN colleges across the state. They are not an ordinary group of graduates. They made history by attending college during unprecedented times. Most of them began or continued their community college educational journey during the pandemic, which changed learning and life as we knew it. It took resilience, ganas, and adaptability to get to where they are.
We hope they harness the power of these characteristics. We believe in them and want them to know that their Ascender familia will always be there for them. We hope they will join
the CTN Alumni Association, so we can continue to share in their successes.
San Antonio College had 59 graduates who received either an Associate’s degree or a certificate. They were Marcial Huerta, Ashley Waldrop, Kevin Alaniz, Cheryl Russell, Jesus
Mata, Ramiro Garcia, Brittney Paez, Amina Bello, Jasmine Miller, Ramses Ibarra, Simona Guerrero, Jenieve Flores, Genoveva Ibarra-Campos, Iris Gallegos, Karizma Ortega, Angelina Aguilera, Timothy Mackay, Joanna Brand, Laura Gonzales, Yanelly Castillo, Amber Romo, Jocelyn Romero, Charlize Bingham, Domenique Martinez, Anastacia Martinez, Nataly Cadena, Anette Fuentes Huitzila, Jessica Copas, Jonathan Lares, Phillip Bustos, Ashley Alcorta, Hannah Garcia, Frances Hernandez, Tanisha Phipps, Jacqueline Cruz Martinez, Jessica Beveridge, Tre Valdez, Abigail Antoun, Andrea Espinoza, Felicity Navarro, Brianna Ybarra, Keila Guzman, Carlos Lugo, Kevin Marquez, Joalma Martinez-Sevilla, Emmanuel Ortiz, Joanna Martinez-Sevilla, Juan Romero, Julian A. Delgado, Lylian Deleon, Andrew Abercrombie, Joann Herrings, Michael Hicks, Dian Roberts, Vienna Nguyen, Isaiah Mcroberts, Angi Cruz Rivera, Carlos Leon, and Nicholas Barboza.
Palo Alto College had four graduates: Valerie Morales, Kayla Martinez, Marianna Pasillas, and Inez Villanueva.
South Texas College had 11 graduates. Three were from Starr Campus: Sabrina Reyna, Elem; Jessica Elizondo, INDS; and Jazmine Cadena Jazmine, SOCW. Seven were from Pecan campus: Marisela Martinez, Interdisciplinary Studies (AA); Crystal Hinojosa, Music; Krystal Garcia, Elementary; Jasmin Balderas, Elementary; Nashley Hernandez, Elementary; and Violeta Rosales, Psychology. Gabriella Doria was from MidValley campus.
We also celebrate two ACC Ascender Alumni who received their Master’s degree: Diana Gorostieta Martinez and Armando Sanchez.

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