CTN is pleased to announce the names of those chosen for the new Leadership Fellows cohort. They include Ann Fletcher, ACC; Cynthia Cantu, ACC; Darrial Reynolds, STC; Joan Jaimes, SAC; Lillian Huerta, ACC; Megan Diaz, ACC; Mona Aldana Ramirez, SAC; Samantha Ackers, ACC; Yon Hui Bell, SAC; Laurie Coleman SAC; Mary Elston, PAC; Rosa Gutierrez, STC; and Jonathan Bell, STC.

The CTN Leadership Fellows Program is designed to ensure that future leaders are ready to take on real-world challenges in higher education and serve the capacity-building needs of the organization and the educational institutions that CTN serves in the State of Texas.

Leadership Fellows participate in a customized learning experience that enables them to become immersed in the culture, policies, and decision-making processes of the organization in order to maximize the potential of CTN as an agency of change.

CTN Leadership Fellows are asked to participate in a Leadership Fellows Retreat to be held virtually on Friday, September 10, 2021, from. 9:00 – 3:00 p.m. The Retreat will develop the skills of Leadership Fellows to be facilitators of knowledge and best practices and to understand that everyone, from the newest to the most experienced educator, has something to contribute. The leadership fellows retreat is also designed to increase the ability of Fellows to inspire and influence others by being inclusive, open, and innovative while holding themselves accountable to CTN’s mission.

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