2023 National Parent Involvement Day

Parent Partnership: Secretary Cardona and Friends Celebrate National Parent Involvement Day

November 16, 2023 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Dr. Maria Martha Chavez had the honor of being invited to a discussion for Parent Involvement Day by Secretary Cardona’s office. During the conversation, Secretary Cardona emphasized the pivotal role parents play in shaping the future of children and expressed that being a parent is one of the most crucial responsibilities. He shared a personal sentiment, highlighting the profound joy he experienced when addressed as “pappy.” Drawing a powerful analogy, he likened parents to the roots of a family, and children to the branches. Secretary Cardona spoke passionately about the resilience of Redwood trees, emphasizing that despite their towering height, their strength lies in extensive, interconnected roots. By fostering partnerships and collaboration, he emphasized that, like the remarkable trees, parents can efficiently navigate challenges and capture the support and resources needed for their children to thrive. Together, as a united community, families can grow stronger. For more information on the importance of parent involvement, please visit https://www.ed.gov/parents/.

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