Our Training Has Helped Professors 

Close the Opportunity Gap

Students taught by Catch The Next-trained faculty earn more degrees and spend less on their education.

“Adequate” Instruction Hurts Students

Most faculty members care about the success of all of their students. In fact, they care A LOT.

Still, many professors struggle with engagement which means not all students are equally reached.

If you want to close the opportunity gap for good, while increasing graduation rates, then being adequate is not enough.

Yet every year, colleges invest in professional trainings that do not yield results.

We have a proven track record. Colleges that use our ASCENDER program have students who earn more two- and four-year degrees and spend two-thirds less on their education than similar populations.

Are you ready to close the gap?

We close the opportunity gap

Culturally-sustaining approach

Ascender leverages students’ unique experiences so they can fully connect with their education.

Professional Mentoring Network

Our mentors lead training sessions, visit classrooms, and coach faculty.

Student Resources

Our resources extend to students too, and include paid internships, workshops, and conferences.

Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy in Action

We specialize in an instructional approach that honors and explores home cultures and community concerns as a methodology to teach subject matter content.

How to Get Started

1. Schedule a Consult

Tell us about your institution and goals.

2. Receive a Customized Plan

We’ll tailor a professional development plan to work toward your goals.

3. Get your Faculty Trained

Our facilitators will train your faculty to meet your goals.

Catch the Next Leads the Way

At Catch the Next, we know you want to close the opportunity gap and help more students graduate. To achieve that, you need proven professional development training for your faculty.

The problem is there are too many similar programs that fall short, which leave you frustrated.

No matter which college or university students attend, they should ALL have access to high-quality instruction.

That’s why we developed the ASCENDER program, a proven system to help faculty members reach (and graduate!) more students. We also offer customized training options.

Here is how to get started: 1. Call for a FREE consultation; 2. Get a custom plan for success; and 3. Show up for training.

It’s time to end your frustrations. Contact us below and start envisioning your institution as the #1 place students go to transform their lives. 

Become Part of Our Proven Student Success Network 

  • 6,000+ students, 200+ professors, 23 college campuses in our network
  • 10 years of experience helping college administrators meet institutional goals by leveraging the expertise and resources of their own faculty and staff.
  • 100% of our trainers have classroom teaching experience.