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The Society of Native Nations and tribal communities from the Americas - "Turtle Island," shared with the SAC community their culture, songs, and history in the mall area from 11-12 on October 14th.  This day is traditionally recognized as Columbus Day. The overall theme from each speaker was that this land was discovered long before the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Peace, unity, love, awareness, and activism for the Natives of the Land echoed through the speakers’ messages.

Ceiba of Central America Los Maya, Honduras native, science teacher, and artist performed and shared her message through a rap song that involved playing a flute. She replied to the following questions: 

What is Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Ceiba: “It means celebrating the truth, which is that there has always been rich culture that     existed here, way before our education system started. Everything with school starts with the voyages and how it got started but nothing beyond that “before 1500’s” Not just Native American’s but that we all come from beyond. We all are native to the earth. Indigenous: From the Land, Children of the Land.”

What is your hope for Indigenous People?

Ceiba: “I'm not trying to force anyone to believe in anything, my beliefs. I want other people to open their hearts. If people are against it, they’re scared we’ll tell them what the truth is.

What is something that makes you proud to be an Indigenous Person?

Ceiba: “The teaching, to know that there were teachers of healing that does not have secondary side effects like today’s healthcare does. Healing for our spiritual as well as physical. For instance, plants. They are very beneficial and you always take something from earth and replace it and give thanks.”           

Information for the event highlighted “teachings on how to coexist in a world that needs more healing and unity to ensure healthy futures for all.”



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