275 Attend PAC’s Noche de Familia

The Catch the Next Ascender program at Palo Alto College held its annual Noche de Familia this past Wednesday, October 17.

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ACC Ascender Club Discusses Events at First Meeting

The ACC Ascender Club recently held their first meeting. They discussed events for the semester such as Viva La Vida which took place on Oct 27th

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STC Ascenders Start Math Club and Elect Officers


STC Pecan campus has formed a Math Club for its Ascender students.

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STC Starr Campus Begins Year with Multiple Activities

South Texas College Starr Campus had their first Ascender Club meeting which included the election of new members and the planning of community service activities, fundraising, and program activities

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STC MV Students Celebrate Independence Day in Mexico


STC Mid-valley students came together with Student Activities to celebrate Independence Day in Mexico. They ate tamales, shared stories, and created memories.

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ACC Campuses Host Mentor/Mentee Matches

Austin CC campuses began hosting mentor /mentee matches in mid-September. At these meetings, students meet their assigned mentor for the first time.

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Students on ACC Campuses Attend Orientation

Ascender students on Austin Community College campuses attended orientation at the end of August.

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PAC CTN Instructor, D. Rodriguez’s Students Register to Vote

PAC instructor, Dr. Rodriguez, took his students to register to vote and had his picture made at the Inside Out photo truck.

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Equality of Opportunity Project Ranks STC 8th in Nation

A recent ranking by the Equality of Opportunity Project, which aggregated statistics on students’ earnings and their parents’ incomes of every college in America

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STC Mid-Valley Campus Holds Kickoff Party

The Ascender MVC Club held their annual Kickoff Party on Thursday, September 6, in the cafeteria at the Multi-Purpose Room from 8:00-11:00 a.m. Students enjoyed tacos and meeting new members.

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