Teresa Granillo

M. Teresa Granillo was born and raised in Tucson, AZ, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at The University of Arizona. She then moved to Ann Arbor, MI, where she attended The University of Michigan and received a Master of Social Work degree and a joint Ph.D. in Social Work and Psychology.

Granillo is executive director of Con Mi Madre, a 501c3 organization with the mission of empowering young Latinas and their mothers through education and support services that increase preparedness, participation, and success in post- secondary education. She is also an affiliate of the Center for Women and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Austin and the St. David’s Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research in Underserved Populations (CHPR).

Granillo’s clinical experience and research are primarily in the area of adolescent and young adult mental health. Specifically, her research is focused on eating disorders and co-occurring substance use, and the impact of mental health and mental health service utilization on academic outcomes. Dr. Granillo is particularly focused on the Latina adolescent and young adult population. She recently received a grant from the Hogg Foundation to examine the impact of mental health problems and mental health service utilization on the academic success of Latina college students, an at-risk and sorely understudied population.

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