Suzanne Solensky

Solensky is the Executive Director for Literacy Volunteers of Southern CT.

 Solensky – a teacher, advisor, writer, volunteer, and administrator – earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in classical civilization from Yale University and a master’s in liberal studies from Wesleyan University.  Coming from a single-parent, working-class family, Solensky credits some of her academic success to her mother, who raised her and her two younger siblings with a strong belief in the value of education.

Because Solensky was a first-generation student, going to college – especially an Ivy League school – changed her life and opened a world of possibilities.  In turn, through teaching and advising, she has helped thousands of students – including working parents, underrepresented students, and English-language learners – pursue their dreams as they made the transition to college, sought out a variety of academic opportunities, and stayed on track for graduation.

Solensky has worked at a community college, a public four-year institution, and two private universities, and her administrative experience includes admissions, orientation, academic support, and advising – as well as presentations and other types of involvement in professional associations.  Thanks in part to two faculty mentors who guided her when she made the leap from freelance writing to adjunct teaching, she has also taught courses in first-year writing, academic skills, and inquiry and critical thinking.  Perhaps because her own path to and within higher education has not been linear, Solensky especially enjoys assisting students who are exploring majors, adjusting to college, or changing directions. As a freelance writer and editor, she has worked on several publications.

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