Sarah Shaney

Sarah Shaney manages The Communities In Schools program at Eastside Memorial, serving 115 students. During her first year at Eastside Memorial, Sarah implemented a success coaching program at Eastside. Eighty students on Sarah’s 2014-15 caseload received success coaching three times during the school year. Volunteers met individually with students under Sarah’s direction, working with students to talk about GPAs, grades, college and career plans, and to check on progress toward meeting their goals. Sarah helps to provide students on campus with new ways to cope with stress including round-table discussion groups and a peer-to-peer mental health educator program. Sarah believes in advocating for her students both on campus and in the community. During the Texas Legislative Session earlier this year, Sarah and a group of CIS students visited the capital to talk directly to representatives about the realities of student life and the importance of CIS services.

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