Antoinette Titus

Antoinette is the visionary, Chief Executive Officer, and a board member of Inthe Spirit Entertainment, and In the Spirit Entertainment foundation. She is alsoan entrepreneur and an advocate for the Arts with a passion to inspire changefor greater possibilities for all humankind. She is laughing all the time, loving alot, and living a lot with hard work.Antoinette attended Terrell ISD schools in Terrell, Texas, where she received asolid foundation of education that was significant as a youth and her creativitythat allowed her to explore beyond. Antoinette had a desire to tap into the Artsand attended Greiner exploratory Arts of Dallas, Texas where she learned thelove of Arts. She auditioned for one of the top schools in the nation and wasaccepted and became a graduate of Booker T. Washington Performing andVisual Arts School of Dallas, where she studied all aspects of drama, dance,and music. Antoinette also attended Dallas Baptist University, American Intercontinental University, and Cedar Valley Community College where she majored in both Arts and Business Administration.Antoinette has worked in law enforcement for over 20 plus years, a community project leader with many certifications double degrees which has given the foundation of a multitude of duties.In 1999, Antoinette assisted in creating the Black Chamber of Commerce in Irving, Texas where she is an original board member. In 2004, she assisted Chief CW Burruss in creating the Cedar Hill ISD Police Department for the Cedar Hill ISD that reduced the crime rate to an all-time low in the district. Her department was touted as one of the safest school districts and best-managed police departments in the State of Texas. In 2016, she became a credentialed Top Secret/SSI contract Special investigator, for the United States Department  of Homeland Security, United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement,United States Customs and Border Patrol and a Reservist for Federal Emergency Management Agency. In 2022, as an Executive Top Secret/SSI for National Reconnaissance Office, where she is committed to protecting the security of the United States, its citizens, and its allies through unparalleled capabilities in space-based intelligence, working at the Aerospace office in Los Angeles, California. Antoinette also received a license as an Insurance adjuster for the State of Texas and the State of Michigan.Entrepreneur: In 1990, Founder and CEO of Atitusco Janitorial and Cleaning Company, 3C’s Maid and Janitorial Service in Irving Texas, she was the first minority female cleaning company to win multiple contracts with the Dallas Cowboys Club, Dallas Cowboys Stadium Association, and City of Irving alongwith a HUB certification in DFW area. Antoinette is also the CEO of Atitusco Management Company that specializes in offering services to strategic clients and areas. In 2017 this received certified MWE (Minority Business Enterprise) and certification MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) with doublebusiness Janitorial & product services and Administrative Notary Services. Antoinette has been awarded multiple contracts with the City of Arlington. Antoinette also sub-contracts to other business owners to assist with revenue and contracts.In 2011, she was the Founder and visionary of In the Spirit Entertainment LLC and In the Spirit Entertainment Foundation that is trademarked in the USA. ITSE (In the Spirit Entertainment) has concentration areas in each region of the USA, (Georgia, California, Dallas, Michigan, and international team in Accra Ghana. ITSEGH). Creator along with a team of dreamers, Black Kingz and Black Queenz, Speed Star Cartoon, WE Woke play, Dallas Lit event, and Love & Sip events and Road to Hollywood around the United States and Ghana. In 2018, Antoinette landed a position with the VOICE NBC reality Television show as a secret talent scout for the producers of the show bringing undiscovered talent that goes head to head to be the next superstar voice. In the Spirit Entertainment Team, assisted in this search.Talents from all genres, professionals and beginners are in connection with In the Spirit Entertainment to advance careers and work with their talents and work with the company’s platforms.Community Service: Antoinette was a 1982 debutante of the Jack and Jill Society of Dallas and a 2008 member of Alpha Chi Phi Omega Fraternity and Sorority with a current Epistolean position. She is also a 15-year advocate member of NAACP, member of the Potter’s House Church (Bishop TD Jakes) and serves on the professional ministry team. From 2006-present, as well as bringing the In the Spirit Team to work several Megafest, Woman Art Loosed events in red-carpet, and dynamic interviews. She served as project leader on multiple projects for the Concord Church of Dallas (also a member) and lead the vision for the “Baby Shower Project” that partnered with DISD, OCBF Church, and affiliates, which grew to be one of the largest baby shower projects in Texas in assisting and benefiting a plethora of multicultural families. Currently attends the West Angeles Church, Los Angeles, California. Antoinette Titus wasinducted into the Who’s Who in Black Dallas Texas, an achievement of excellence as the visionary of In the Spirit Entertainment, in the year 2019 and the Dallas Community 2018. Bringing talent to the National Harambee festival, City Men Cook, Established In the Spirit Entertainment Ghana, Accra Ghana, making a difference in the lives of youth. Best Talent Agency Award 2017, 2018 and 2019 in Dallas Texas. Talent Scout for The Voice NBC 2018 to 2020. Built a platform in the company to assisting artist in all genres for their needs as a talent. 2022 establishing groundbreaking productions and events inHollywood, that are set for 2023. 2022, recognized as the Superb Woman, Texas Metro News, 2022, recognized OWR Awards Finalist for the Best Christian influencer of the year in Nashville, TX, 2021 Soul and Salsa Magazine meet writeup, Dallas, Texas, 2021 Voyage Dallas Magazine.

Antoinette’s first love is always putting family first. She became a divorced parent of three children in1990, implementing high standards for herself and family. Her daughter, Crystal Manning, is a current USA Olympic athlete, Her son, Carly Titus is a current entrepreneur with a credit company, Scout for Inthe Spirit Entertainment. Her other son, Chad Manning is a current entrepreneur, License insurance adjuster and COO of In the Spirit Entertainment.

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