Fernando Esteban Flores

Mr. Fernando Esteban Flores is a native son of Tejas, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, published three books of poetry: Ragged Borders, Red Accordion Blues, BloodSongs available through Hijo del Sol Publishing, published in multiple journals, reviews, newspapers, and online sites, selected in 2018-19 by the Department of Arts & Culture of the City of San Antonio, with support from Gemini Ink for his poem Song for America V (Yo Soy San Antonio) as one of 30 poems/poets to commemorate the City’s Tricentennial anniversary. Fernando received an ELLA award and an Arts & Letters award from the San Antonio Public Library System and Friends of the San Antonio Library for his outstanding contributions to the artistic and literary community of San Antonio. He was named poetry editor of the Catch the Next Journal of Pedagogy & Creativity, and is also the founder of an eclectic group of poets, Voces Cósmicas, who promote literacy, poetry, and art.

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