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The Catch the Next Ascender Transfer Motivational Conference is designed to introduce community college students to University life experience and to motivate them to transfer to a four-year University.  Only fifteen percent of Latinos in the US have a Bachelor’s degree and four percent have an advanced degree. When looking at African Americans, only twenty-two percent have a Bachelor’s degree and six percent have an advanced degree. For these figures to improve, transferring to a four-year University is crucial to the Latino and African American communities. The same urgency applies to other first generation underserved students in Texas. Participating in the summer conference will offer a unique opportunity for our Catch the Next Ascender students to have an on-campus dormitory experience at Texas’s flagship university.



The main objectives of this conference are to bring together Catch the Next- Ascender students in a collaborative environment to gain insight from university representatives on topics such as:


Learn about the University Admissions processes

Learn about the University Financial Aid processes

Learn about the transferring of credits from community college to a university

Learn about housing options

Learn about career planning and time management skills required to transfer to a four year university



Students will:


Discover they can transfer to a four year university

Discover the rich educational and community experience at UT/Austin

Enhance their knowledge about the admissions process to attend a university

Enhance their knowledge about the financial aid process to attend a university

Enhance their knowledge about the transferring of credit process to attend a university.

Gain communication skills, critical and/or creative thinking skills, creative problem solving skills and decision-making skills

Understand the need of a call to commit to advancement and participation to assist in the increase and successful transfer to a university.

Understand that there is substantial linkage to conference attendance and cultural engagement.

Understand the promotion of a sense of collaboration through CTN Ascender conference relationships

Transfer motivational conference participation can be beneficial to the application process, as it is recognized as a unique leadership experience.




Day 1:


12:00 pm                      Registration at dorm


12: 00 to 1:30 pm        Lunch


2:00 pm.                       Welcome/Introductions


3:00- 5:00                     Club building activities


5:30 pm                        Dinner/tours


7pm                              Evening activities/Hawaiian Night


Day 2:


8am                             Breakfast at dorm


9:30                             Speakers


10:00                           College Fair


11:30                           Closing


Noon                           Lunch


1pm                             Departure

 About the Dorm:

 Opened in 2007, the newest hall is named after Almetris “Mama” Duren who helped African-American students at the University from 1956 to 1980.. Almetris Duren Hall, located in the Whitis Area Community, showcases “Azteca” Seneca Quarry Tile flooring in the lobby and exposed red oak wood beams and Texas heritage furniture in the formal lounge. It also includes the Gallery of Texas Rivers

 Hall Features


Shared space rooms with private bath

“Azteca” Seneca Quarry Tile flooring in Lobby and First Floor Common Areas

Four bronze commemorative Texas floor medallions

Exposed red oak wood beams and Texas heritage furniture in Formal Lounge

Study/lounge space on each floor

Card swipe system to access the living areas

Video surveillance system for exterior doors and elevator lobbies

24-hour desk with ability to monitor access system and video surveillance system

Game room/Exercise room

Laundry room

Texas Rivers Room – a multipurpose room

Private courtyard framed around century-old Live Oak Tree

Parking: 27th Street garage (TSG)  109 W. 27th St. Phone: (512) 232-5880 E-mail: jOvt-u3r6f-M+fjp9O3-ouno+Q@nospam

Cost: Double room $35 for students and $70 single room for chaperones.


7600 Chevy Chase Drive #300

Austin Texas 78752




582 Ocean Avenue Suite A

West Haven, CT 06516







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