Alumnus Juan Higa Leads Tour

Over 140 PAC Ascender Students and Sponsors Tour UTSA

PAC Ascender students visited The University of Texas at San Antonio on November 9. More than one hundred forty students endured the cold temperature, wind, and rain to see the campus. The tour was led by former Ascender student, Juan Higa. Juan’s brother and CTN-Ascender Alumni, Bryant K. Higa, was able to join the tour as were former PAC officers, Paola Ortiz and Ashley Dovalina.

When the students first arrived, they were taken to UTSA’s Student Union Retama Auditorium where they were able to enjoy free hot chocolate and coffee sponsored by the UTSA Student Union. Inside the auditorium, Juan welcomed them to UTSA, shared some fun facts and answered questions about the university. Juan compared tuition rates, teaching styles, and resources from Alamo Colleges to UTSA. At the end, he shared his experience as a transfer student from PAC. One main piece of advice he shared with students was the importance of time management. Higa stated, “Save money and take all your core courses at PAC. Time management is the key to success at the university level.”  Additionally, he emphasized that they should take advantage of everything Catch the Next and Palo Alto College offers. On the tour, students stopped at the business building. Higa had students sit in the auditorium seating classroom that holds 400 students which shocked some students. Students saw the Center for Student Professional Development which provides students with interview help and with business attire that can be rented. Students also toured the 24-hour library; the bookstore, where the President’s office is located; one of the food courts where they were able to enjoy a warm Chick-fil-A sandwich; and they viewed what the Campus Recreational Center (GYM) has to offer.

“I feel it made a difference because with this tour, I gave them a day at UTSA and shared my experiences like surviving a class with 400 students, coffee being my very best friend, staying awake at the library for 24 hours during finals, and opportunities I’ve had with Catch the Next (ie. going to conferences, Yale University, HACU, etc.) by taking advantage of what CTN and PAC has to offer, knowing that I always had the support from the faculty like they have also,” Higa said.

“Students applauded Higa as he prepares to cross the stage next month to receive his Baccalaureate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from UTSA,” added instructor Diane Lerma.



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