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Juan Cruz

Juan Cruz has a Master’s degree in Public Health Policy and Administration from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Antioch College.

Cruz has over 25 years of experience as a management consultant, planner, and trainer helping organizations address health and human service issues. He believes that successful organizations foster collaborative relationships, practice respect, build on the assets of their communities and staff, and act with creativity and integrity. He is the principal for Cultural Dynamics, a planning and diversity consulting firm serving public sector and private non-profit human service agencies and small businesses. He has over twenty years of experience in policy and advocacy as well as facilitating strategic and program planning and community needs assessments. Other services include coaching, project management and curriculum development. Guiding the development of key project components, online organizational assessment instruments, and post assessment protocols are some of Juan Cruz’s achievements as interim program manager for the Community Alliance for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CA-CLAS). The CA-CLAS’s mission is to offer technical assistance to California’s alcohol and drug agencies on effective cross-cultural services. Mr. Cruz was the statewide coordinator of Children’s Services for Louisiana Spirit, a hurricane recovery initiative. He assessed field operations capacity and monitored strategies to support children’s emotional resiliency.


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