Given the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of Catch the Next’s Ascender Model Pathway framework, many faculty, administrators, students, and peer mentors across the country seek an outlet for interdisciplinary divergent thinking, particularly with a focus on promising practices and theories for increasing access, opportunity, and success for underserved students, who represent a majority of the college-going population in the United States. The Catch the Next Journal of Ideas and Pedagogy aims to fill that gap in scholarly publications by giving a voice to faculty, researchers, and administrators who cross disciplines yet maintain a core pedagogical focus on the underserved in higher education, who come from diverse backgrounds but include Latinas/os, Native Americans, African Americans, and working-class and first-generation college students.

The journal, therefore, is designed to empower scholars, practitioners, and students by providing them an accessible, alternative source to express their ideas and scholarly work. In particular, Catch the Next Journal of Ideas and Pedagogy seeks to embrace the complexity of the issues facing students, faculty, staff, and institutions in the 21st century by focusing on program data; promising practices, theories, and research; best teaching moments; and creative expressions of solutions to increase higher educational access and opportunity as well as college and career success in the national and international landscape.

Editorial Advisory Board

Stephanie Alvarez, Ph.D.

José F. Aranda, Ph.D.

Linda Hagedorn, Ed.D.

Amaury Nora, Ed.D.

Laura Rendón, Ed.D.

Catharine J.K. Sandoval, J.D.

Tino Villanueva, Ph.D.

Editorial Board Staff

Maria Martha Chavez Brumell, Ph.D.

Catch the Next, Inc. Chief Executive Officer

Lydia A. CdeBaca, Ph.D.

Director, CTN Peer Mentoring Program and Operations Manager

Debra McBeath

Director, CTN Communications and Student Engagement

Rafael Castillo, Ph.D.

Director, CTN Curriculum and Instruction

Alfredo Torres

Copy Editor


Catch the Next Journal of Ideas and Pedagogy is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary scholarly journal currently seeking articles regarding best practices in higher education as well as creative work representing engagement with ideas that color and/or impact the landscape of higher education in the 21st century. The editorial board invites submission of scholarly, pedagogical, and theoretical manuscripts that promote the journal’s mission to give voice to faculty, researchers, and administrators who cross disciplines yet maintain a core pedagogical focus on the underserved in higher education. We seek previously-unpublished work with a special focus on program data, best practices in pedagogy, best teaching moments, and/or ongoing dialogue related to issues in education of national significance. In addition, we invite submissions of book reviews, interviews, poetry, short fiction, and visual art.

CTN Journal of Ideas and Pedagogy and Catch the Next, Inc. acquire first North American rights to adopted publications; therefore, submissions should be works previously unpublished in North America. A manuscript is considered previous published if another work exists with any/all of the following: the same title, the same opening paragraph, and/or 25 percent or more of the same content.

Visit our Call for Papers and Submissions Guidelines page for more detailed information.


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