CTN: Several Avenues For Student and Faculty Voices and Writing

Innovative Instruction


This blog is a place for faculty and program practitioners to share best practices for course design, student engagement, authentic assessments, and resources related to classroom and curriculum. 


Have an idea you want to share? Contact Allegra at: TSwhISgqPyxjOyQhISw-PygsIQ0sOD45JCMuLmMoKTg@nospam


Students Speak Out


This is a space for Ascender students to share their experiences, achievements, opinions and creative work through blogging. CTN seeks to highlight the great work our students are doing and invites all to submit their pieces to VzY7OzIwJTZ5IT47OzYlJTI2Oxc2IiQjPjk0NHkyMyI@nospam


Journal of Ideas and Pedagogy


The Catch the Next Journal of Ideas and Pedagogy aims to fill a gap in scholarly publications by giving a voice to faculty, researchers, and administrators who cross disciplines yet maintain a core pedagogical focus on the underserved in higher education, who come from diverse backgrounds but include Latinas/os, Native Americans, African Americans, and working-class and first-generation college students. The journal, therefore, is designed to empower scholars, practitioners, and students by providing them an accessible, alternative source to express their ideas and scholarly work.

For questions or submissions, contact p+vew87GieTDwsXGxMbnxMbTxM-Tz8LJwt-TicjVwA@nospam



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