Catch the Next is embarking on a new project to address the lack of culturally relevant, open educational resources (OER) in the creative commons. Open educational resources, or “OER”, are free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes. Currently, while many authors and scholars are now choosing to open license their work as a matter of equity and access, there remains a need for materials that reflect diverse views and experiences. As such, CTN is compiling essays, creative fiction and non-fiction, original research, and artwork to be part of an online anthology that can be accessed in classrooms around the world to address this need.

We are seeking interviews, poetry, short fiction, visual art, essays, and original scholarship from writers, authors, scholars, and students. The work must be original and previously unpublished (or otherwise already published under a creative commons license).  A manuscript is considered previously published if another work exists with any/all of the following: the same title, the same opening paragraph, and/or 25 percent or more of the same content. If you are unsure of the copyright on a particular work that you are willing to share, get in touch with us and we can help verify its suitability for the project.

Additionally, if you are aware of texts that were published before 1924 that would meet the needs of this anthology, please let us know as these will likely not be subject to copyright and can be included.

Our ultimate aim is to create a genuine alternative to costly traditional anthologies and a resource that will allow faculty and students the freedom to engage with culturally relevant texts in meaningful and dynamic ways.  We believe strongly that students benefit from reading works by authors whose experiences and expression they identify with and that your voice is a valuable one in conveying this spirit. 

Submission Guidelines

Please email any submissions to Dm9iYmtpfG8geGdiYm98fGtvYk5tb3ptZnpma2BrdnogYXxp@nospam, in docx, rtf, or Googledoc (gdoc) format. You can also send URLs (links) if the text already exists online. Please clearly indicate the author’s full name, title and the license you would like to be published under (contact Allegra for more information). If no license preference is indicated, all works will be published under a “CC BY ND” license which means that the work can be distributed for free but cannot be adapted or altered in any way after publication.

All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by CTN staff who will make recommendations to accept the submission without revisions, accept the submission with revisions, invite the author to revise and resubmit, or, in some cases, may be rejected as unsuitable for the project. 


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